KZN SMME & Community Development Forum is inspired to:

To be the most preferred organisation in KwaZulu-Natal Province in partnering with private sector, national & provincial government and other non-profit organisations  in effectively delivering  basic and critical services to KZN communities.

To incubate, develop and train potential SMME's into profitable and sustainable businesses, with intention to stimulate economic growth and employment opportunities in KZN Province.

To integrate community into business and also business into community by ensuring a true reflection and representation of females, disabled and youth into all spheres of the business environment in KZN Province. 

To transform lives of ordinary community members and SMME's by ensuring a strong relationship and networking between them and established businesses in the neighbourhood.  



KZN SMME & Community Development Forum is dedicated:

To transform lives of ordinary KZN Communities And SMME’s by positively influencing their thinking in order to unleash potential, transferring  job skills, and open widows of opportunity to main economical stream, and assure sustainability

To be the most preferred organisation to form partnership with private companies, communities and governmental organisations in KZN Province to deliver critical services, empower communities and stimulate provincial economic growth.

To support initiatives of poverty alleviation, inequalities, development and empowerment of disadvantaged people in KZN and neigbouring provinces, by identifying and facilitate business opportunities and access of Communities and SMME's into those opportunities.

To develop and encourage a strong code of business conduct guided by the principles of non-racialism, non-sexism, equal opportunities and a sense of social responsibility.

44 Linze Road, Wheeler House, Greyville,Durban, 4001, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa | T: +27 31 880 1043 | F: +27 86 603 1075 I


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